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Before I start telling my story, I have to clarify things. There are many different kinds of “fuccboi.” The ones running rampant on social media like to boast that they fuccbois. Why? To announce to anybody who would care to listen that they are on the look-out. They use social media in their hunt.

And then there are the cocky, disrespectful types who, after their business, would just leave and drop them girls pronto, without any explanation whatsoever. After sex, it’s baiiii!

Anyway, I’m the discreet type. The guy who sleeps around but still tries to respect the girls. I’m honest enough to let them know my real intentions.

Currently, I’m a writer and film director, but this whole fuccboi business really started when I was a club promoter, when I got exposed to a wilder and much liberated crowd. From then on, I chose to have a sexually active lifestyle.

But here’s the thing: I didn’t want to settle with just one girl, I wanted a variety of girls that sleeping around could afford me. At the same time, I still try my best to respect my partner.

I know what you’re thinking, respect begets respect, right? It’s hard to believe, but really, I still respect every woman I meet.

I usually meet them on Tinder, where I talk with the girls first. I have a certain game plan for that. I need to get a girl’s number within 30 minutes or so. When I succeed, I follow up through text. And then I befriend them. Along the way, I let them know my real intentions.

I always stick to the game plan, which is to make them feel special and wanted at all times.

When I already know that she’s really interested, I always make sure she feels that I’m into her. I always try to be sweet and consistent without being annoying.

Girls like those good morning and sweet text messages. That’s why I use that as my gateway to tap into their frustrations. Making her feel kilig is one of my goals.

On the day that I’m going to meet a girl, I always make sure I look presentable. I wear comfortable and easy to remove clothes. I also search for the nearest motels in the area or if there are parking lots nearby (those are good spots, tbh). Of course, using condoms is a must. You need to be safe.

I always arrive late just to make the illusion that I’m busier than them. I know it’s mean but that’s how I do it.

I go out with the same girl for a couple of months. Then, you’ll just get to that point that you’ll both say, “Nakakasawa na.” And then that’s it. That would be the time to escape and find a new prospect.

And because there is no commitment involved, I tend to go out with different girls on the same period of time.

Someone asked me before, “What happens when the girl gets attached to you? Or what if you get attached to her?”

My answer has always been: Stay away. “When she gets attached to me, I keep away asap. When it’s me who gets attached, I always analyze the situation. If there’s the slightest chance that she’ll be okay with my fuccboi ways, then we go on. When no, I run away asap.”

There are times when I actually had a serious relationship. But, I never go in right away. I need some time to adjust.

But here’s the thing: Even when I’m committed, I can’t control myself; I always seem to feel the need to find another girl to have sex with.

I know it’s super complicated. But I’m used to it. I’ve been doing this for too many years and I’m still enjoying it. For me, to be sexually active and to be a fuccboi is a lifestyle of choice. It’s like being vegetarian; you just really need to stick to what you’ve started.

As of the moment, I can say that I’m really happy with what I’m doing. It’s kinda weird, but ideally, I’ll just stop being a fuccboi when I get married. If I meet the one, then that would be more than enough to make me break the habit.


Illustration by Madel Crudo


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