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Thanks to Katniss Everdeen and Oliver Queen, archery has garnered a high level of interest among the often-sedentary lot (read: us) willing to try it out. While the sport may prove not to be everyone’s cup of tea, everyone who has tried it will agree: archery is the kind of sport that can easily make you feel mighty.


At Benel Archery in Mandaluyong, our perspectives changed upon learning the basics. Here we realized archery could be so much more than a sport. It’s almost like therapy, or seeing your life coach. A session will remind you of important lessons you may have otherwise forgotten. Below are five we picked up from an afternoon of aiming at targets:

1. Focus on your target. Shooting arrows from a distance does not only need body strength, it requires mad focus. As such: Do not let distractions win you. Remember to hold tight on your weapon, because more than knowing what your goal is, it is important to clear your thoughts and gather your mental strength so that you can nail it.

2. Stand tall and firm. As in archery, your physical form plays a big role in life. If in archery, the power of your shoulders down to your arms determines the release of your bow, in life, it’s good posture that can help dictate your zest, and ultimately your success.


3. Load your bow. Look: Not everyone succeeds on the first try. But everyone can and should always take the risk of trying a second time. Make sure to pack your arrows before you go into a battle because “ready” is always better than “maybe.”

4. Take your time. Focus your aim—take as long as you need—before you release your arrow. Get a clear vision of your target. Do not rush into achieving it. Good things take time, after all.

5. Own it. Archery is letting everyone in the arena feel your existence. Wow them every time you make a move and acknowledge what you did, cos that’s how someone achieves complete power over whatever they are doing. Take control of the moment and show everyone that you are here to own it.


Benel Archery is at 17 Calbayog Street, Mandaluyong

Photos: Madel Crudo


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