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If you’re dead set on making 2017 the year when you finally keep your New Year’s resolutions to the very end, you may want to get yourself the YAY planner. It’s an off-shoot of the YAY workshop.


Designed by life coach and organization development consultant Kitty Dulay-Ferreria, the YAY Workshop—Your Awesome Year—allows people to step back and figure out what’s important to them, as well as what they need to do to achieve them in the coming year. As such it’s become a hit among the “busy and successful but somehow feel unfulfilled.”

But as most things, it is maintenance work that’s proves to be very difficult. “The real challenge happens every day, when you go about your activities, when you’re immersed in your work, and when you make choices,” acknowledges Kitty. Enter The YAY planner.

It aims to guide you every single day, reminding you of the goals you’ve set for the coming year. “We are constantly writing our story and the journal is there where you can document yours,” Kitty explains.

The YAY planner is friendly to bullet-journaling, you know that new practice of taking a blank notebook and turning it into an HQ of sorts for all your lists, notes, and calendars.

A cross among a planner, a diary, and a to-do list, the YAY Planner features blank pages for where you draw up your grand plan, large areas quarter reviews—a necessary tool to help you look back and assess how you’re coming along—spaces for your monthly strategies as well as a pull-out monthly calendar to help you keep your days organized.

“I really want people to have a mindset of being more intentional and purposeful in their choices so their year can be more meaningful,” the life coach says.

The YAY planner can be ordered through The Spark Project, a local kickstarting website. It starts at P500 and goes all the way to P4,500. The higher you cough out, the more add-ons you’ll receive.






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