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Just in time for the summer season, Starbucks Philippines has released a list of their newest offerings such as drinks, snacks, and Philippine exclusive merchandise. 

Here are some of them:

New Starbucks Belgium chocolate latte
Rich and indulgent Belgium Chocolate sauce with their signature Coffee Frappuccino, topped off with chocolate crushed shells, chocolate whipped cream and more mocha sauce. 

New Starbucks Belgium chocolate nitro cold brew
Make every sunny day count with the Belgium chocolate nitro cold brew. Enjoy the velvety combination of sweetened smooth coffee topped with creamy chocolate cream and dusted with Belgium chocolate shavings. 

New Starbucks Okayama peach apple cold brew
A summertime pick-me-up blending, a refreshing mix of peach apple sauce and lemonade, infused with a slow-steeped cold brew for a smooth feeling.

New apple berry and creme cake
Layers of light vanilla sponge cake and crumbled crust, topped with apple and blueberry filling and cinnamon oat crumbs on the side .

New Korean sausage flauta
Crispy fried flour tortilla stuffed with sausage, kimchi, and cheese.

Happy Giraffe
This collection is savanna-inspired, joining a happy giraffe and his friends. Expect a design in full and vivid color illustrations with a touch of grain texture.

Philippine exclusive Earth Day collection
A collection of bright, cheerful colors that compliments the summer weather and sustainable ways to keep you refreshed all summer day with their Earth Day Texa cups available in all four colors. There’s also reusable water bottles.

Starbucks Reserve Rwanda Hingakawa coffee beans
Specialty coffee is a profoundly human endeavor. This is evident in Rwanda, where a group of farmers known as Hingakawa. Hingakawa, a mantra that means “let’s grow coffee”, is a product of patience, care and love. In the cup, one can find a pinnacle of heroism and a stirring reminder of the resiliency that fuels the human spirit.

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