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Cebuano artists take over drybrush Gallery on the second floor of SM MoA Square at the Mall of Asia Complex in Pasay City with “Kidlap Sa Habagtan (Spark of the South)” exhibition happening until April 22, 2023. 

These group of artist representing the province are Ana Lona Abadies, Artemio Anga, JP Abejar, Wilfredo Cañete Jr, Ramon de Dios, Renante Jumao-as, Jessica Sario, Maila Rivera Secuban, and Rhea Victoria Climaco Rosaciña. 

This exhibition not only features the wonders of these artists, but also showcases the artists’ creative take on society, culture, figuration, and natural sceneries with a touch of enchanting colors and labored compositions that will stir up the audience’s interests and sentiments.Through the artworks, the audience will witness the artists’ commitment to the idiom of realism, manifesting tranquility, and impelling familiarity.

‘GUITAR LUTHIER,’ Rhea Victoria Rosacina, 2019

Know more about the artists
After knowing more about art through her mentor, Ana Lona Abadies now loves to work with watercolors, acrylics and oil and enjoys exploring different subjects. She deeply believes that people recognize objects and figures quickly when their colors reflect what they see in the physical world, thus, giving her subjects great value.

Having his artistic inspiration start at an early age, full-time visual artist John Paul “JP” Abejar recognizes his inspiration to paint from artists with a wide range of styles and genres, from Caravaggio, Bouguereau, and Amorsolo. Abejar is a licensed special education teacher and is a proud member of the Portrait Artist Society of the Philippines, Inc. (PASPI) and Diwa sa Buhing Hulagway (DIBUHU). 

‘ATI WARRIOR,’ Rhea Victoria Rosacina, 2022

Self-taught artist Wilfredo “Boboy” Cañete Jr. has long established himself in the art community. From his use of highlights and Rembrandt-like scenes, his works bring a sense of calm and appreciation to the world around us.

Hailing from a family of artists in Bantayan Island, freelance artist/designer Jessica Sario is merged with the conscious interest and influence of his father Medardo “Joe Sario”, one of the oldest & renowned artists of Bantayan Island.Her passion for arts are mostly focused on the still life nature concept which is frequently done in acrylic and oil base.

At a very young age, Maila Rivera Secuban’s love for art began. She was born and raised in Iligan City and grew up with the support of her family for her passion. Through her art, she explores the human psyche and existence. Her works are known as  conceptual figurative realism in a precise and delicate control of her mediums, watercolor and oil.  

‘ID’S MANIFESTATION OF DESIRE,’ Mai Rivera Secuban2023

Growing up in Cagwait Surigao del Sur, Rhea Victoria Climaco Rosaciña had early on shown artistic potential. She continues to create still life, landscape, and seascape paintings with nature and culture as her usual subject of interest. As a manifestation of the cultural aspirations of people, Rosaciña pays close attention to local festivals and draws inspiration from the sights and sounds of them. 

The artworks of the nine artists will be on display at the gallery and can also be viewed at

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