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It is no secret that actress Liza Soberano is now on her journey to becoming an international actress, part of her first steps is to move to Los Angeles, California. As she’s still navigating this new path she has chosen to take, this means that she also needs to be wise in spending her money. 

During the Maya kick off launch where she was introduced as the newest brand ambassador of the said online banking app, she shared with MB Life some “tipid tips” she’s applying abroad to make sure she’s saving money and not going beyond her budget. 

  • Know your priorities

“My priority is to be able to invest more in myself,” she said. “I take acting workshops, I’m also taking vocal lessons and also investing in getting to know more people, so that I can build authentic relationships with people from behind the scenes in Hollywood. This way, they can help me further hone my craft and gain awareness in Hollywood.” 

She openly admitted that doing this is expensive. She has to make sure she’s not spending too much on other things and be thrifty on things that she can control. 

“I usually set aside a certain budget for that and because I’m spending in (Philippine) Peso, basically I have to convert my peso into dollars. And that’s a bit more expensive. 

  • More walks, less Uber

“Staying, renting Airbnb in LA or renting hotels is very expensive,” she said. “The good thing is, with Careless (the talent agency she’s currently with), we all have a house where people stay together. I also tried to make tipid by not using Uber so much. If I can walk to the place I will. Or if I can scooter to the place, I will.” 

Liza is starring in a Hollywood film titled “Lisa Frankenstein” together with Cole Sprouse and Kathryn Newton. 

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