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NewJeans, an all-girl Korean group featuring members Minji, Hanni, Danielle, Haerin, and Hyein has been named as the newest global ambassadors of Levi’s. The year-long partnership – spanning Spring/Summer ‘23 and Autumn/Winter ‘23 – will include a new campaign featuring the brand as well as concerts and appearances. 

NewJeans has stolen the hearts of Gen-Z with their forward-thinking reimagines of 2000s sounds seamlessly blended with K-pop. After breaking out with the buzzy music video for their debut single “Attention,” NewJeans proceeded to challenge perceptions of their music with bold singles “Hype Boy” and “Cookie” from their self-titled debut EP. 

In addition to their music, NewJeans has earned fans worldwide for their innovative aesthetics. Known for their Y2K-inspired fashion mixed with modern trends, NewJeans have become idols for Gen-Z while demonstrating the influence of K-Pop on global fashion. 

The group’s name, “NewJeans,” refers to their aspirations to become timeless icons of a new era, like jeans, that people never become tired of putting on, hence, a match partnership with iconic jean brand, Levi’s who’s celebrating its 150th anniversary this year. 

“We’re honored and thrilled to represent Levi’s, a timeless brand that literally created the world’s most iconic new jeans while constantly looking towards the future,” said NewJeans. “Because of their genuine support for youth culture and our admiration for their beautiful brand, this is a natural partnership.”

To kick off their partnership, the clothing brand will be releasing a brand campaign featuring NewJeans that celebrates the group’s positive energy and each member’s unique personality all while wearing items from the upcoming Spring/Summer 2023 collection. 

That’s something NewJeans fans should look forward to. 

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