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The cost of land property in the Metro is getting higher and higher, making it hard for the young people to find the space that would fit their budget. Oftentimes, the best option is to get a condo unit. 

To help everyone style their rooms or spaces, especially those that have limited spaces, we asked Dean of Philippine School of Interior Design Pojie Pambid for his tips on how we can style small units and make them functional and  spacious. Pambid is also the brilliant mind behind the styling across Our Homes branches nationwide. Here are his three tips.

(Images from Unsplash)

Choose the right color combination

“Bright colors or neutrals make the space look advanced,” he said. “I’ve done 18-square-meter units, I make it a point na talagang neutral colors. I love using grays because it goes well with everything so I made the general palette of a neutral tone or a monochromatic tone. Then, based on the personality of whoever is occupying the unit, I just use that as an accent color. Since it’s gray anyway, it will merge or blend with whatever color choices you like. But if the space is that small, as much as possible three color combinations only. That alone will actually create enough illusions of space to be able to really make the space brighter and at the same time not feel cramped.” 

Use mirrors 

“Mirrors double the space,” he explained. “So what happens is that if I have an accent wall, instead of using an accent color, I will just use mirrors. Of course the bigger the mirror, the bigger the reflection. But if you can not use mirrors, you have to invest in very good lighting. Ambiance makes space cozier and more dramatic.” 

Invest in built in furniture

“What I normally do is, instead of like the usual sofa, I make a single bed that I transform into a sofa,” he said. “For the dining nook, it’s better to be a bar type na nakadikit sa wall para swift ang flow of traffic, you don’t bump into furniture pieces.” 

For more home styling ideas, visit the nearest Our Home branch. 

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