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Social media star and proudly-Pinoy content creator Bretman Rock is in the Philippines to promote his book titled “You’re That Bitch.” In this book, Bretman shares his life, background, and even his colorful journey toward stardom as a Filipino living in America. 

In a media conference, he candidly answered some personal questions and here are his answers that will make everyone love him even more. 

What is your favorite thing about being Filipino?

Besides our beautiful moreno skin? I love the personality that I have as a Filipino. I think I’m always laughing, I’m always singing. I’m definitely singing everywhere. I love the fact that my mom is Filipino so she’s good at cooking.

What’s your specialty?

Eating it. I can microwave my mom’s adobo really good. Best secret is one minute and 22 seconds. I don’t cook.

Who’s the inspiration behind your book?

I live in a five-bedroom home in Hawaii with 25 people and so I felt like I was living in a sitcom every day. So obviously I was gonna write everything about [our family] so yeah, it’s very easy. And also, a lot of [things in] the book is based on my journals and I obviously wrote about my family a lot. 

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What was your favorite Filipino show growing up?

Oh my gosh, I really do genuinely mean and when I said change the channel if you can. My favorite one before we moved to America which is so random y’all but it’s “Super Inggo.” I was eight years old, bear that in mind. So, yeah, I was obsessed with “Super Inggo.” I’m also obviously obsessed with “Showtime,” “ASAP,” and all that, gir!.

Did you ever dream of becoming an artist in the Philippines?

Oh my gosh, I was always auditioning for PBB in my head and I was also into the “Star Circle Quest” era too. So I grew up watching all of that. I feel like every Pinoy dreamt of being an artista

What advice can you give to young people out there who want to kind of follow your footsteps, start a career online, or on the internet?

I will say, I feel like the biggest thing that a lot of aspiring influencers kind of don’t do is just post it. I know there’s so many funny videos in your camera roll that are like waiting for the world

Bretman will be having two-day book signing event this March 4, 2023 at SM Megamall and this March 5, 2023 at SM Mall of Asia

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