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People aren’t still over Liza Soberano latest vlog drop titled “This is Me,” where she gave an update about her life and career decisions including rebranding herself as Hope Soberano. It’s been a week since then and it still continues to be the talk of town, especially on social media. 

At the Maya kick-off launch where she was introduced as the brand’s newest brand ambassadors, members of the press asked Liza on her message to people who are still processing her decision and rebranding move. 

“Well, I’m sure a lot of people were shocked, especially with the YouTube video that I dropped,” she said. “I’m pretty sure a lot of them saw it coming when I transitioned to Careless this last year.” 

It can be recalled that last 2022, Liza’s contract with Star Magic was put to an end and she no longer renewed her management contract with her former manager Ogie Diaz. That’s when she transferred to Careless, a music and talent agency owned by James Reid.

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“But being able to hear my story and actually hear from myself what it is that I envisioned for myself, I think it kind of surprised them,” she said. “And for those that you know are super supportive, I want to say thank you.” 

Liza then expressed her gratitude to everyone who had been part of her local acting journey. Acknowledging the reality that she won’t be able to reach her celebrity status stage without the help of the people who guided her. 

“I just want to reiterate that I’m so grateful for everything that I’ve achieved, experienced, and I acknowledge that I wouldn’t be anywhere near where I am today without everybody who was part of my journey since the beginning of my career,” she said. “I wouldn’t have the talent that I have, I wouldn’t have the name that I have, and I wouldn’t have everything that I have, material or not if it weren’t for them. And so I’m always grateful and thankful and I am blessed to have everybody that came into my life.” 

Liza has now moved to Los Angeles, California where she’s hoping to launch her Hollywood career. For starters, she’s co-starring in an international film titled “Lisa Frankenstein” that is set to hit the cinemas this year. 

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