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A report from Food Industry Asia (FIA) has shown that 81 percent of Filipinos believe that following a healthy and balanced diet is their own responsibility, but they also want more support from industry. This means that Filipino consumers want food companies to change their product formulations and recipes to help them make healthier food choices.

Watsons recognizes the growing trend of Filipinos looking for healthy food options and with this comes the launch of Watsons Healthy Food, a selection of natural and organic food and beverages that will help consumers reach their goal to be the better and healthier versions of themselves.

The selection includes brews and teas from Ginga which creates healthy drinks as part of its advocacy of promoting a healthy lifestyle. Ginga’s blended tea and brew, which include ingredients like turmeric, ginger, and butterfly pea, uses only pure and natural ingredients as part of its commitment to uphold a healthy lifestyle.

Skinny mamas Apple Cider Vinegar is 100 percent organic and has many health benefits, including boosting the metabolism. 

Healthy Tropics is a homegrown food and beverage company that showcases what the islands of the Philippines has to offer via delicacies, snacks, and beverages. Each of Healthy Tropics’ products has natural herbs, tropical fruits, and vegetables. Must-tries from the brand are the Mangosteen Apple Iced Tea, Philippine Soursop Moringa Juice, Mango Moringa Juice, and Philippine Mangosteen Coffee.

JA Lees Farms Mushroom Chicharon which comes from a small farm in Indang, Cavite. It’s also exported to the United States, Canada, and Singapore. The products are vegan and do not contain any MSG or preservatives. The “chicharon” is crunchy, delicious, and healthy.

Emco, a brand of healthy food from Czech Republic, eschews the use of additives and preservatives in its muesli, crunchy granola, oat flakes, and quinoa. 

Gourmet Farms is a homegrown brand that first introduced organic farming in the Philippines. Its offerings include coffee, herbal teas, salad dressing, dips, and bottled drinks.

Visit the Healthy Food section at any of these Watsons branches and begin your health and wellness journey.

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