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When it comes to dating, a study shows that almost 80 percent of young singles in the Philippines say they are excited but nearly 45 percent feel awkward and need advice on how to date. 

To help young ones navigate this early stage of finding the one, Tinder, brings to the Philippines the School of Swipe. Its first-ever virtual crash course in online dating. Tailored for young adult singles looking to navigate modern-day dating, School of Swipe is a first-of-its-kind, fun dating starter kit—a one stop shop for everything you need to know about online dating. 

“School of Swipe is therefore an easy to use mobile-first wingmate which singletons can access anytime, anywhere. As the world’s largest dating app, Tinder wants young adult singles to feel more confident in their dating journeys, date smart and have a fun and safe dating experience.” says Papri Dev, APAC communications head at Tinder. “It is an all-in-one guide for daters looking to make the most of the matching experience whilst also staying alert, both online and offline. The resource complements Tinder’s continuous in-app feature innovations and tutorials to make dating fun and safe for all young adults eager to connect with someone new.”

Based on a survey conducted by Tinder this year, it revealed that 74 percent of Pinoy young adults ages 18 to 25 years old are excited to date while 68 percent feel hopeful about their dating future. Living in the early stages of their exploratory years, the survey further revealed that 44 percent of young singles are curious about the dating journey that awaits them.

“Young people have resorted to their circle of friends or social media platforms to gain insights on how dating works. Sharing and listening to true love confession stories on radio and social media has become their outlet to freely express themselves and learn how to navigate the world of dating,” says Vanessa “Coach Vee” Antonio, a dating coach and U.S. certified matchmaker based in Manila. “I always get asked about how to date right and School of Swipe is a great place for them to start off their dating journey.” 

First rolled out in Singapore and Spain this year, the Philippines is the third country that has access to this portal that is designed to help Pinoy singletons interact and, perhaps, flirt responsibly and build their confidence as they seek out new connections. This starter kit aims to inspire and ignite a fun and safe dating experience for every young single looking to meet someone new. Featuring a series of syllabus of how-to guides, School of Swipe walks daters through the entire journey of online dating: from setting up a profile to setting up the first date. Hopeful singles will find how-to tips to rock a good conversation, make real-life connections, and safely explore potential connections on Tinder for every mood and activity.

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