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If you’re planning your next meal for your barkada hangout or simply spending a quality time alone or with your loved ones, here’s a list of new food in the market that is worth every cent of your money. 

  • Kenny Rogers Roasters all-new Smokehouse BBQ Roast and Ribs

Kenny Rogers Roasters is bringing an American- style barbeque holiday with its newest offerings, the Smokehouse BBQ Roast & Ribs. Their flavors are further amplified with three new sauces: Roasted Garlic, Applewood, and Alabama to make every celebration truly one to remember. 

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  • Sausages from One World Butchers

The meat is impeccable, and the flavors are a proper punch to the gob. Artisanal sausages like sundried with cheese, cilantro jalapeño cheddar, green mexican, smokey hawaiian, kaffir and red curry pork are available alongside the traditional Cheese Kransky, Thüringen Bratwurst, and English Pork Sausage. You can choose to have your sausages with a selection of sides and sauces, or you can have them as a flatdog: sausages are placed on a piece of flatbread then loaded with fixings. 

  • Famichiky Burger

FamilyMart, whether in Japan or the Philippines, has amassed a cult following for its crispy and juicy fried chicken, affectionately called Famichiky. It’s served as golden brown, whole, boneless chicken fillets, marinated and breaded with FamilyMart’s secret blend of spices. Initially, it can be purchased a la carte or with rice. But now, convenience gets a little more convenient with the addition of buns, dressing, and sliced chees—a delicious treat of complementing flavors in just a bite.

  • Gullon sugar-free cookies and wafers

Love snacking without guilt? You can have filling bites of Gullon sugar-free cookies and wafers. The mega dueto chocolate has delicious chocolate filling sandwiched made with high-oleic sunflower oil that has no artificial flavors and is cholesterol-free source of fiber. 

  • Honeybon’s new Sugar-free Swiss Chocolate Cake

Sweetened with a zero-calorie sugar substitute, this worry-free cake has layers of moist yet fluffy chocolate chiffon then filled and covered with rich Swiss chocolate ganache made with sugar-free couverture chocolate for an added depth of flavor.

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  • Pickup coffee tea selection

Pickup coffee introduced their newest tea selection flavors—peach, apple, lychee, and Thai milktea. These flavors are freshly made out of natural products making it yummy and delicious.

  • Jamba Juice

Jamba Juice is celebrating its 11th year with a special birthday bash in time for this holiday season. Get the ultimate healthy indulgent blend of Holiday Avocado Smoothie, the Milky Avocado for that classic rich and creamy blend, or the Coffee Avocado Smoothie for that coffee taste with a creamy twist. These birthday treats are available for a limited time only along with some exciting promotions.

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