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For thousands of years now, chewing gum has been part of people’s lives. According to history, Europeans have been recorded to chew birch bark tar 9,000 years ago! And up to these days, whether we are traveling or just trying to have a hint of fresh breath after some activities, bumble gum or chewing gum is still with us. 

Here are some fun facts that you should know about chewing gum:

  • Offers lots of health benefits

Based on the report by Webmd, chewing gum helps ease symptoms of acid reflux, improves memory, keeps you alert, and eliminates nausea. 

  • There’s an international gum factory in PH

Unknown to many, confectionery manufacturer Mars Wrigley, has a factory in the Philippines located in Antipolo, Rizal. This company is the mind behind some of Pinoys’ all-time favorite gum—Doublemint, Cool Air, and Juicy Fruit. 

On a daily basis, this factory produces hundreds of thousands of gums. And 95 percent of the products made by Pinoy are exported to various countries such as China, Vietnam, Thailand, and among others. 

On top of this, the company also provides good opportunities for its workers. The Antipolo plant is home to more than a hundred associates with a 50 to 50 male-to-female leadership ratio. Mars is also active in giving back to the community by partnering with different organizations where they roll out different programs. Some of its partners are Smile Train, Yula’s Women’s Initiative, and Save the Children Foundation.

  • High Safety protocol in the factory

With decades of experience in confectionery productions, the company has high standard protocols inside the factory. In fact, during MB Life’s tour in the factory, we found out that bringing mobile phones inside is prohibited—both for the guests and for the employees. 

According to Fernando de Castillo, Mars Wrigley Antipolo factory director, explains the reason why. This is to avoid contamination and debris to the products in case a phone accidentally shattered inside the factory. In case it happens, all of the products will be declared rejected and the area will be closed until further notice. 

“All personnel visiting the Mars Wrigley factory in Antipolo are required to undergo a safety briefing and wearing of safety gear on the manufacturing floor is mandatory,” says Fernando. “Mobile phones and other electronic devices are not allowed on the factory floor and food processing areas as this is part of the site’s food safety policy.” 

So the next time you chew gum, you’ll enjoy it more knowing that it doesn’t simply benefit your health but also gives livelihood to hundreds of Filipinos. 

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