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When Netflix launched in the Philippines six years ago, subscribers could watch shows and movies made available in their original language. It also came with an option to enjoy these titles with English subs and dubs. Over time, as more viewers joined the streaming service, the company finally realized that there was a need to offer viewers an interface that speaks the audiences’ local language. 

That is why starting Oct. 20, Netflix will have a user interface (UI) available in Filipino. 

This new feature allows subscribers to navigate the UI, read titles and synopsis. Plus, they get to watch shows and movies with Filipino subtitles and in Filipino dubbing. It means that you can now watch “Stranger Things” and other titles using the Filipino language as an option on the platform.  

“At Netflix, we believe our members should be able to choose their viewing experience, whether it be the genre, format, or language of the content. We are very happy that our Filipino members will now have the option to enjoy their favorite Netflix content from all over the world with Filipino subtitles and dubbing, should they prefer to watch as such,” says Malobika Banerji, Netflix content director for Southeast Asia. 

The Filipino UI feature offers flexibility among members as you will be able to switch your profile to Filipino from the language option in the ‘Manage Profiles’ section on their desktop, TV, or mobile browsers. The complete Netflix experience in Filipino is available across all devices—from member sign-up, to search function, and even on payment options. 

Netflix subscribers can set up to five profiles in each account, with each profile having the option to choose its own language setting. Watching Netflix in another country or region? Don’t worry, the Filipino UI feature is also available to members outside of the Philippines. 

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