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(Artwork by Ariana Maralit)

Red, black, and white textiles embellished with studs and printed with the words anxiety, depression, and paranoid. These are the colors and words that surround Kaye Morales’ new collection named “Unchained” that graced the runway of recently held BYS Fashion Week. 

Through this new collection, revolutionary fashion designer Kaye, who already held shows in Los Angeles and Vancouver, aims to break the stigma about mental health.

“This collection tells of empowerment against the forces that pull us from reaching our true potential,” Kaye posted on her Instagram account. “Each piece is a statement of triumphs over stigmas. Each design is a story of overcoming. This is about breaking the chains that bind us to our suffering.” 

During the runway show, “Drag Race Philippines” finalists Marina Summers and Eva Le Queen walked wearing gowns and jumpsuits. Meanwhile, actress Arci Muñoz closed the show wearing a black glittered t-shirt and mullet skirt. 


For its second day, #BYSPHFashionWeek aims to #break the #stigma about #mentalhealth through the works of revolutionary designer Kaye Morales featuring ‘Drag Race Philippines’ queens Eva Le Queen, Marina Summers, Prince, and actress Arci Muñoz. Here are our top picks from the collection. #BYSPH #fashionshow #mblifeph #youth #fashion #lifestyle #fyp #socialnewsph #localdesigner #supportlocal #localfashion #KayeMorales

♬ Unstoppable – Sia

We can’t wait to see what’s next from Morales.

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