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Here’s a big treat for comic book lovers out there: You can now access your favorite Filipino komiks anytime,anywhere with the all-new Penlab app, powered by Kumu. 

This new partnership makes the work of local artists and writers more accessible to a wider audience, opening the door for creators to earn a living through their passion. With the app, you can now browse through 300+ comic book titles, choose from various genres and explore your indie favorites all in one go. 

“Filipinos have komiks in their blood,” says Kumu co-founder and president Rexy Dorado. “In the ‘80s and ‘90s, people read comics more than they did magazines and newspapers— and while the industry is much smaller today, both the talents and the opportunities are greater than ever.”

The collaborative effort is a celebration of a rich network that went through significant losses and gains over the last decade. Not too long ago, between 33 and 40 percent of Filipinos read comics—a number that dwindled due to the emergence of digital entertainment. The consensus then was that komiks lost their audience as Filipinos turned to television, video games, DVDs, and online subscription services. But in recent years, thriving titles like “Mythology Class” and “Trese” make the case that the underground komiks scene is anything but dead. international publishers like Tuttle and Ablaze have even picked up Filipino comic book titles and started distributing them internationally.

The Penlab app will be available for web, iOS, and Android devices.

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