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CONFIDENT SMILE Megan Young and Mimiyuuh are the newest ambassadors of Colgate

Have you ever found yourself holding back your smile for a photo or when you’re talking to someone?—perhaps because of a dental flaw or a feature you just haven’t embraced? 

You are not alone, because even beauty queen Megan Young and social media personality Mimiyuuuh have experienced the same situation before they had overcome this insecurity and embraced their imperfect perfect smile. 

During the recently held launch of new Colgate Optic White O2 Toothpaste, where its newest ambassadors, Megan and Mimi, openly shared their journey toward embracing their authentic smile. 

“Dati insecure talaga ako sa ngiti ko. Tinatanong nila akong ‘pambira ka ba?’,” Mimi says. “Then I learned to ignore what people are saying and accept the fact that I am imperfectly perfect. From then on, I became more confident, I became unstoppable. Life is too short. Live your life and do you.” 

This is something 2013 Miss World Megan agreed with. As a beauty queen, she admitted that having an imperfect set of teeth affected her confidence, given that we are living in a society with unrealistic beauty standards. 

“When you see beauty queens, they have perfect smiles, they have perfect teeth. And when you saw me, I wasn’t one of those girls and I knew that I didn’t have a perfect smile,” Megan shares.  “But I love how I smile. I love my bunny teeth, I love how they look, and even though I’m different from the other girls, I learned to own up to my imperfections, just like Mimi.” 

Both of them couldn’t believe that despite having an imperfect set of teeth, they are now named as toothpaste endorsers, hence, they want more people to also love their flaws and accept themselves. And even though one’s teeth are not perfectly aligned, it doesn’t mean that it couldn’t be bright and white. The new Colgate Optic White O2 Toothpaste is revolutionary is its whitening formula powered by active oxygen. It is a gentle yet effective way of whitening the teeth in as early as three days! Its patented Active Oxygen Whitening produces fine bubbles as you brush. In the process. It’s also enamel-safe and does not cause sensitivity.

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