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Known for his action-packed roles in “Squid Game” and “Bad and Crazy,” Wi Hajun sets another milestone for his career as he plays the role of Choil Do-il in Netflix’ newest Korean drama, “Little Women.” 

Based on Louisa May Alcott’s 1868 novel with the same title, “Little Women,” follows the story of three sisters’ journey toward their fight against a powerful family in Korea. Meanwhile, Wi Hajun will play a crucial role in this narrative. 

“The more I read into the script, the more I found him mysterious. ‘What was his upbringing like? How did he end up with such convictions and values? Why does he act that way? How does he feel about In-joo?,’” the 31-year-old actor shared about his role during the show’s press conference. “I had endless questions about him, wanting to find out more about him. I found that appealing and wanted to flesh that out about him.” 

With his charisma and good physical attributes, fans see him “sexy” in most of his shows. But this time, Hajun says, people will see a different type of sexiness. 

“This time, I don’t think the character is flat out sexy. Since Do-il is hard to read and mysterious, please look forward to a mysterious kind of sexy in him,” he says. “Do-il is sincere in everything he does. He has a strong conviction and value system about money, and seems very rational. I tried my best to portray all such sides of him, which may lead the audience to be perplexed, wondering whether he is good or bad. All I did was to faithfully portray the character.” 

With all these mysteries surrounding his new character, Do-il promises viewers a fast-phasing show in this 12-episode series. He is co-starring with Kim Go Eun, Nam Ji-Hyun, Park Ji-Hu, and a lot more. Directed by Kim Hee Won (“Vincenzo”), “Little Women,” will premiere on Sept. 3, 2022 only on Netflix. 

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