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The hit Korean series “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” (season 1) has already wrapped up, but the emotions and lessons it taught us still linger. 

While waiting for their comeback for season 2, you may want to consider shopping some of the items you saw in the show. It might help us get through the waiting time, so here are some items that are affordable and easy to find. 

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  • Loafers

Who misses Attorney Woo’s iconic loafers? Fortunately, a local shoemaker is making the same one before we even saw it in the show! Look at these vintage loafers from Juanito studio. Made from real leather, these shoes promise not just style but quality and comfort. 

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  • Black shoes

Remember that kilig moment when Lee Jun-ho taught Young-woo how to safely cross the revolving door? Did you see his shoes? Saw that iconic yellow thread ? You can find that at Dr. Martens. 

  • Sneakers

Eagle-eyed fans identified the cute sneakers Young-woo wore in episode 4 as a pair of Keds sneakers.

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  • Beauty stick

Saw those beauty sticks the female characters used in the show? It is the Wrinkle Bounce Multi Balm by Kahi Cosmetics that moisturizes and lessens wrinkles, crow’s feet lines, and the areas between brows, and under eyes. You can buy it on this Lazada. 

  • Whale keychain

The metal whale key chain from the show is from Troika. Upon checking, the exact design is already sold out but you can still find other whale designed keychains from the store. 

Enjoy shopping, whale nation. See you in 2024! 

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