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For us Filipinos, Tetra Pak has been a household name. This company packs some of our fav drinks such as Chukie, Nestle Fresh Milk, and Chocolait. 

But did you know that these cartons are brilliantly made from renewable energy and can be recycled and turned into useful materials including furniture? The company also takes pride in developing food and beverage carton packages that protect both the nutritional value and the taste of the products inside. Through specialized aseptic technology, there is no need for preservatives to allow liquid food inside Tetra Pak packages to retain color, texture, natural taste, and nutritional value for up to 12 months. The aseptic process also ensures that everything in the production chain is commercially sterile, ensuring that the packaging materials and the product to be placed inside are free of harmful bacteria. 

In 2021 alone in the Philippines, over 361 million liters of food and beverages packed in Tetra Pak cartons reached Filipino consumers. Recognizing the importance of empowered communities in achieving a sustainable future, the company actively supports this in the Philippines. One way is by strengthening the local circular economy through strong collaborations with collection and recycling partners as well as consumers. 

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To implement its community recycling collection program, the brand continues to partner with social enterprise organizations including Basic Environmental Systems & Technologies (BEST), Green Antz, and the Plastic Flamingo (the Plaf). Through these partnerships, the number of recycling drop-off points all over Metro Manila has increased significantly.

The collected cartons go to different processes allowing it to be recycled into something else like notebooks, cell phone holders, and the most striking furniture. The brand partners with local furniture brand Junk Not, who creates wonderful and high quality furniture products from recycled materials. Currently, some of the items they made out of Tetra Pak cartons are chairs and tables. 

While boosting sustainability efforts, the company also carries out initiatives that help enrich the lives of Filipino children. Through the Child Nutrition program, Tetra Pak provides practical support in implementing and evaluating school feeding programs in the Philippines. To promote awareness of beverage carton recycling, the company also continues to implement its Care and Share School Program, an annual inter-school competition that aims to encourage students to properly dispose of used carton packages for recycling. Since its inception in 2005, the program has reached over 530,000 students across 211 school partners in the Greater Manila Area.

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