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Looking for something that will spice up your Friday nights’ dessert? We got something for you. 

Destileria Limtuaco (the home of White Castle Whiskey) and Karabella, a dairy company specializing in gelato style desserts made from 100 percent fresh carabao milk have unveiled five ice cream new flavors featuring prominent spirits and liqueurs from the Destileria Limtuaco Philippine Craft Spirits line.

These exciting ice cream flavors will surely tickle your tongue and will satisfy your alcohol drink cravings. The five yummy flavors are Chocoholic (made with Very Old Captain Rum), Paradise Mango Rum Liqueur gelato (mango-cashew), Amadeo Coffee Liqueur gelato (coffee-cacao nibs), Manille Liqueur de Calamansi Gelato (calamansi-basil) and Intramuros Liqueur de Cacao gelato (tablea-chocolate chips). 

Aside from having proud local alcohol content this gelato is also made with carabao’s milk, richer in texture and is coincidentally more nutritious boasting 58 percent more calcium, 40 percent more protein, and 43 percent less cholesterol than cow’s milk.

Karabella gelato featuring Philippine Craft Spirits will be available in August in Destileria Limtuaco Museum and In the fourth quarter of 2022 this will be available in major supermarkets. 

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