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Confidence is not something that you simply have. It takes a lot of work, it can take a long time to build, and there are days when you’re suddenly feeling blah and your sparkle just goes down the drain! But one thing’s for sure, the moment your confidence arrives is when you are comfortable inside out. 

Heritage lingerie brand Triumph led this conversation with “comfident Filipinas” including social media influencer and professional cabin crew member Patricia Bobadilla on Inspiring ComforTalks on FB Live. 

Just like many of us, these women didn’t have it easy because of the pandemic. Pat described how she had a hard time putting her health first because of her six-day work week. Having to give up working on yourself because of a demanding schedule is surely something most women can relate to. 

So how did they triumph over these? They conquered everyday battles through comfort. Pat learned this the hard way, as she’s used to giving up comfort just to look good. But she discovered from experiences that confidence is an “inside job,” and you can start by investing in a good underwear that will embrace and support you every day. 

As a woman who’s uncomfortable with wires, Triumph’s Aqua Jade push up is Pat’s pick, catering to Filipinas like her who crave comfort with style to boost their confidence. “It truly is a gift to us Filipinas because it prioritizes the needs of women when it comes to wearing underwear that suits our comfort and style,” she says. 

When you feel that you are comfortably yourself, just like Pat, confidence oozes from within, inspiring you to triumph over anything life throws at you. Take their advice: “Comfort should be non-negotiable. Always choose underwear that makes you feel like your ‘comfident’ self.’” 

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