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With his charisma, looks, and talent, Ryan Gosling is undeniably one of the most sought actors of today. 

The multi-awarded actor can do drama (remember how he made us cry in “The Notebook”?), comedy (“The Nice Guys”), and action (“The Gangster Squad”). 

But, this time, the actor leveled up the action scene in his newest film under Netflix—”The Gray Man.” In this film, Ryan plays the role of Six, and goes head to head with his psychopathic adversary—Chris Evans who’s playing the role of Lloyd Hanse. 

This action-pack movie is full of heart-stopping scenes, stunts, and lots of running for the actors, especially Ryan.  So how did he prepare for these cardio-loaded stunts? 

“As you can imagine, there’s a lot of training for the film. I had an incredible amount of help,” Ryan says during the film’s media press conference. “There was an amazing stunt team. At first, they sort of went through all these different styles of martial arts and sort of tried to curate it for you and the character. And then we had this amazing advisor named Chili Palmer, who’s an ex-Delta Force member. I tried to just sort of join myself at the hip with him. He had all these amazing tactical advice, but also these really amazing ideas.” 

The Gray Man. Ryan Gosling asSix. © 2022 Netflix, Inc.

One of the things that Ryan learned from working with military men is tying the “shoelace to the door ‘cause if someone comes in.” 

“All these little details which are things that are not in the script, were things you could only learn from experience,” he says. “I thought it really made the film special and added this sort of special sauce to it. So, we had a lot of help.” 

“The Gray Man” is a film by Russo brothers and will premiere on Netflix this July 22, 2022. 

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