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(Artwork by Ariana Maralit)

Believe it or not, young daters may downplay K-crush standards as basis for their date choices, but Korean and Pinoy rom-coms and dramas, although plagued with romantic cliches, are keeping their hope for itinadhana (the destined one) alive. 

This is according to the recent study conducted by online dating platform Tinder. It shows that no matter how loud this generation will scream “walang forever” (there’s no forever) or “maghihiwalay din kayo” (you will eventually break up), needless to say, their “sana all” (hopefully all) will always win.  

When asked for their reasons for dating, a whopping 86 percent revealed they are looking for “the one” or a long-term relationship. Sixty-one percent date to find their own happiness, and 43 percent date in search of intimacy. Possibly driven by the pandemic, a few people date to avoid feeling alone while some others date to boost their confidence.

Apart from this the same study shows that the Gen Zs believe that dating gets easier when you can meet someone with similar interests. Surprisingly, no matter how forward thinking this generation is, when asked what has stood in the way of their dating, 56 percent revealed they don’t like making the first move, and 43 percent said they feel awkward doing so.

Paramdam to put yourself out there 

But this doesn’t mean that young Pinoy online daters don’t shy away from making subtle hints to express their romantic intent. Seventy-eight percent will try to connect with someone they’re romantically interested in through frequent chats. Meanwhile, 59 percent will find opportunities to spend time with their matches by asking them out, and 57 percent will send memes, stickers, and GIFs to make paramdam.  

“Young Pinoy 18+ year olds and above factor in many considerations in their dating choices, and their preferences reflect their lived experiences and pop culture influences as diverse  as Hallyu Wave to Hollywood,” says Papri Dev, Tinder’s senior communications director of APAC. “They find joy in doing simple activities for their dates and meeting new folks with similar interests that our newest feature Explore is based on with sections on Foodies, Coffee Date, Thrill seekers and so on.” 

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