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A few months after reopening its doors, the interactive museum Lakbay Museo has announced that they are closing their doors for good. 

In a Facebook post, the company dropped the announcement. 

“We are saying goodbye byaheros,” the post says. “Please don’t miss your chance to experience the Philippines in just 1,000 steps. A lot of byaheros have been part of our journey and Lakbay Museo extends its gratitude to all the guests. Though our time may be cut short, we are 100 percent hopeful for the future of our country.” 

In a separate post, Lakbay Museo said that its last day will be on July 31, 2022. 

“It’s our advocacy to make our Byaheros happy and now that Lakbay Museo bids goodbye for good, we hope to see you again at Lakbay Museo for one last time,” it says. “Let’s appreciate again the culture, traditions, and wonders of the Philippines in just 1,000 steps.” 

Lakbay Museo is located at the ground floor level of S Maison at Conrad Hotel, Pasay City.

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