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(Artwork by Ariana Maralit)

Who doesn’t grow up with pencils? From jumbo, to regular size to mechanical pencil, this writing instrument has been part of our lives. And, today on July 5, we are celebrating international mechanical pencil day across the globe. 

To mark this event, here are some fun facts about mechanical pencils. 

  • A Japanese pencil maker actually made mechanical pencils

In 1913, American inventor and businessman Charles Keeran introduced the first-mass produced mechanical pencils. But according to a report, it was actually a Japanese pencil maker named Hayakawa Tokuji who made the first mechanical pencil. However, Tokuji’s Ever Ready Sharp pencil didn’t make the US market until 1915.

  • Hardness

In general, most mechanical pencils have the same hardness and density. 

  • Types 

According to a report, “there are two types of mechanical pencils: those that both hold the lead and can actively propel it forward, and those that only hold the lead in position.” 

Enjoy scribbling with your pencils! 

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