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It’s no secret to all of us that despite the world fame South Korea is getting because of its arts and culture, this nation is also living in tensions with its military heavy-equipped other half—the North Korea. 

For years, reports stated that there’s been various attempts to reunite the peninsula, but it’s still a dream up to these days. 

But in the upcoming Korean adaptation of the world hit Spanish series “Las Casas de Papel” or “Money Heist,” this dream is getting into motion. 

Money Heist Korea: JEA (L to R) Jun Jong-seo as Tokyo, Lee Hyun-woo as Rio, Jang Yoon-ju as Nairobi, Park Hae-soo as Berlin, Lee Won-jong as Moscow and Kim Ji-hun as Denver in episode # 1 of Money Heist Korea: JEA. Cr. Jung Jaegu (Netflix)

During the “Money Heist: Korea-Joint Economic Area” press conference held on Wednesday, June 22, 2022, director Kim Hong-sun said that this show represents “hope of reunification” for the two nations. 

“This is going to be streamed around the world. So I was thinking that the story of two Koreas can be told to the global audience once again because that will spark curiosity to the global fans,” he says. “The Joint Economic Area is a fictitious city that has been created for the show. The North and South Korea situation is something that I wanted to depict in the show. And if this happens in the future that we are in the process of reunification, and if this is happening in reality, I wanted to actually infuse that kind of sense of hope in the show.” 

In this series, Korea is on the brink of unification, and North and South Korea establish the Unified Korea Mint and are printing one common currency as the groundwork to build a stable joint economy. Despite people’s expectations, “only the rich got richer,”leading to severe inequality. Against this unfair world, a crew of thieves, including Tokyo, an ex-soldier from the North, unite under the leadership of a mastermind known as the Professor to plan an unprecedented heist—stealing money yet to exist! The only things standing between them are a joint task force led by South Korean negotiation specialist, Seon Woojin,  and a North Korean agent, Cha Moohyu, epic mind games, and time.

Money Heist Korea: JEA (L to R) Park Hae-soo as Berlin, Jang Yoon-ju as Nairobi, Yoo Ji-tae as Professor, Kim Ji-hun as Denver and Lee Won-jong as Moscow in episode # 1 of Money Heist Korea: JEA. Cr. Jung Jaegu (Netflix)

“The themes of a common currency and a mint built in the Joint Security Area (which divides North and South Korea today) are the premise of the series, which adds the Korean flavor and excitement to the original story,” says the writer Ryu Yong-jae.

The cast are composed of Yoo Ji-tae (Professor), Kim Yunjin (Seon Woojin), Park Hae-soo (Berlin), Jun Jong-seo (Tokyo), Lee Won-jong (Moscow), Park Myung-hoon (Cho Youngmin), Kim Sung-o (Cha Moohyuk), Kim Ji-hun (Denver), Jang Yoon-ju (Nairobi), Lee Joobeen (Yun Misun), Lee Hyun-woo (Rio), Kim Ji-hoon (Helsinki), Lee Kyu-ho (Oslo). 

“Money Heist: Korea-Joint Economic Area” is streaming on Netflix this June 24.

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