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Soloist rapper Shanti Dope and Ex Battalion member Flow G dropped a new song that tackles the importance of checking our friends and being there to be a listener. 

Since we’re still in a middle pandemic and it has given us the side effect of isolation—a lot of us are silently fighting with the problems they never want to open up, yet, sometimes it becomes a mental health problem.

The lyrics of the song reminds us to check on our friends and to never forget our loved one’s mental health status. It also tells us to never forget our emotions for these are valid and being sensitive or feeling our feelings is not a sign of weakness. 

Mental issues are a serious matter that we need to deeply understand to help others, extending our hand and love still need to be taught to others to avoid stigmatization. We must open our minds and open our eyes to the diseases we cannot see nor control, and to help and to be the help they need in rough times.

Within less than 48 hours the songs of Shanti Dope and Flow G hit 1 million views after its release last May 27. And currently still breaking records with #2 on Youtube through ‘trending for music’ based on the Philippines.

Both rappers are involved in the writing process of the songs to keep it personal and authentic with their important reminder. 

So, kamusta? (How are you) Have you heard it already and deeply reflect about it? Stream “Kamusta” in every music site and app.

*Contributed by Michaella Joy Tsuji, student from CMU

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