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Owners always want the best for their dogs’ health so a balanced diet meal with a more nutritious and healthy food intake is a must to maintain a normal body function.

Though dry food is more convenient for busy owners and its low-cost maintenance, it may encounter health issues. Wet food is a vet-recommended for their sensitive body.

Dr. Saza Curaming

One example of wet food is Pedigree’s wet food in cans and pouches which contains 38 essential nutrients to strengthen your dog’s immune system. It ranges from different flavors to choose such as beef, chicken, and liver that are suitable for its raw ingredients, less additives, more protein than carbs, and its high level of moisture content. 

“Wet food does not only contain 70 to 80 percent more vitamins and minerals that your pet requires, it is also high in protein, providing a complete and nutritionally balanced meal. More interestingly, its consistency is very appealing to most dogs,” Dr. Saza Curaming, Scientific communications manager of Mars Pet Nutrition for Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore says.“It is also an excellent meal for puppies since it helps to strengthen their teeth and ensures the pet parents that their dogs will get adequate nutrition as they grow.”

If you are worrying about loose stools and dentals issues, worry no more because with wet food it keeps your dog hydrated, and produces smaller and firmer stools. Pet owners can try mixed feeding which is a combination of wet and dry food for a more delicious meal times to enjoy. 

*Contributed by Michaella Joy Tsuji, student from CMU

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