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Today is the worst” as we get beauty investment tips with our favorite internet-ninang Bryan Boy. 

In a conversation at the New Lounge event where he is introduced as the brand’s newest ambassador, Ninang shares three beauty investment tips for everyone. 

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  1. Don’t look down on local brands

“I noticed this a lot on TikTok,” Ninang says. “A lot of Filipinos looked down on local brands. There’s really no difference between international brands and local brands—they’re just like the same product or the same makeup, just different branding. I don’t think Filipinos should look down on local brands.” 

2. Expensive doesn’t mean better

“Just because something is expensive, doesn’t mean it works better than something affordable,” he says. “That’s a complete myth.” 

3. Don’t be afraid to try new things

“I think when it comes to beauty, you need to be adventurous. Do not be afraid of trying different things,” Ninang says. “Whether it’s makeup, skincare or haircare, or your beauty styling. I mean, remember, it’s your body, whatever you put on your body on your face, it has to reflect you as a person in your personality. So always be open. Don’t care about what other people think or say.”

There you go! Don’t forget these words of wisdom from Ninang. 

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