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Borders are now open. Gone are the days of no pants, no makeup, and no shower! This also means something—time to glam up again and slay like we used to. 

To help you choose with all the new beauty products available in the market today, we curated a list of our top picks for you to check out. 

  • Anew Renewal Serum
    Collagen makes up about 80 percent of the skin and is a crucial element for building proteins. But by the time one hits 25, the skin begins to lose this key element. As the skin loses more collagen over time, it becomes harder for the skin to stay smooth and plump.
    This year, Avon introduced its latest innovation, a breakthrough skin-care product—Anew Renewal Serum which promises healthier and future-proof skin in just seven days. 
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  • iWhite Korea
    iWhite Korea offers a new look to your favorite products while adding a few more to create three lines that will simplify your routine while complementing different skin types. These three lines are:
  • The Daily Skincare Line – Cooling & Hydrating
  • The Acne+ Skincare Line — Calming & Soothing
  • The Power Brightening Line — Bright & Glowing
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  • Issy & Co. New Phyto-Complex Skin Mist
    A hydrating and revitalizing daily essence spray that contains a phyto complex called BIOPHyTEX LS 9832 which helps to combat skin fatigue. This can be used to prep your skin before makeup or to instantly refresh bare or dolled up skin throughout the day. 
  • Garnier vitamin C ampoule
    The Garnier Vitamin C Ampoule Serum is an advanced care product that is used as a six-day treatment. When added to your routine for 6 days and applied right before your Vitamin C Serum, the Ampoule Serum is able to address dark spots, uneven skin tone, and dullness, along with hyperpigmentation and dark circles that are too stubborn for the regular serum to address.
  • Skin Oasys
    This beautiful straightforward skin care line gives your skin basic products with a simple, no-frills guide. It comes in three beauty bar variants—Clear Exfoliating, Pure Nourishing, and Renew Revitalizing you can make sure that there is a soap to address your needs.
  • Solar Oil
    This beauty oil is infused with jojoba oil and vitamin E, making it an excellent fit to keep your nails and surrounding skin hydrated even after your beach sesh. Also, it is known to drive nutrients deeper to the nail bed, creating more robust, healthier nails and hydrated cuticle area.
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