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Sari-sari stores have been part of Filipino culture for a very long time. And, in fact, community sari-sari stores might be one of our saviors during the peak of COVID-19 lockdown where our movement to buy food was limited.

The pandemic also ended the era where store owners are dominated by adult demographics. Ivy Piedad, senior manager of Puregold, tells MB Life that lots of young adults have ventured into this business for the past two years. In fact, they even gave it a twist by putting online sari-sari stores. 

“The usual demographic for sari-sari store owners was 42 years old and above. Dominated by women” she says in Filipino. “But during the pandemic, we saw a spike in the owners from the young market—24 to 32 years-old or the millennials. Lots of them looked for another source of income like online selling.” 

Puregold is known for its Aling Puring program—a holistic membership program that allows sari-sari stores and other business owners to increase the potential for their net earnings. The program gives its over 600,000 members the opportunities to earn points, which are equivalent to rebates that they can use to shop at Puregold. Members enjoy free delivery, business financing assistance, and even free insurance for members. They also have access to Dealskarte and Ka-Asenso promo packs for added savings and points, exclusive events, and added businesses such as loading and food to go under their KAINdustriya program. And now, Puregold extended its invitation to young people who have online shop business. 

As the company holds the comeback of its Puregold Tindahan Ni Aling Puring Negosyo Convention that opened this May 19, 2022 at World Trade Center, Pasay City with the theme “Tuloy Natin Ang Pagsasama, Tuloy Natin Ang Pag-Asenso,” Ivy says that are welcoming this young entrepreneurs to visit, registered as a member of Tindahan ni Aling Puring club, and enjoy discounts and forums from the three-day program. 

To register, Ivy says that applicants should get certification from their barangay office or show a proof of existence of their online shop. Registration should be done on site at the World Trade Center. 

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