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GOT7 is a Korean group artist that debuted in 2014 at JYP Entertainment and departed their agency in January 2021. Each of the members ventured to different agencies while Jackson Wang continued his own entertainment company.

Members left their agency and, in spite of that, they told IGOT7’s (fans name) that they will not disband and will make an effort to make an album every year. This May 2022, they fulfilled their words and the long-awaited album is coming. 

GOT7 launched their new logo “GOT7 is our name” under Warner Music Korea and updated their new social media channels.

They also announced their 2022 FANCON titled “HOMECOMING with I GOT 7” that will be held at SK Olympic Handball Gymnasium, Seoul on May 21—both offline and online. The next day after their homecoming, their MV and album self-titled, “EP ‘GOT7,”  will be released at 6:00 p.m. KST.

The group then thrilled their fans with their highly-anticipated concept photos named “GOT7’s House: ‘Under Construction’ and ‘Packing Up.’” 

Jackson jokingly said in a show, “You can go play, go play around but you have to come back home. Come back home with seven members waiting for you.” 

Are you ready for this?

*Contributed by Blessie Caballero, student from City of Malabon University

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