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My Chemical Romance returns with a new song after the lay low for eight years and disbandment way back 2013 with their new song called, “The foundation of decay.”

Fans over the world are thrilled to hear their favorite band release a newest single song and possibly the continuation of a tour to different countries and cities. 

My Chemical Romance is an American rock-band based in New Jersey. The Iconic rock-band has four members consisting of Gerard Way, Ray Toro, Frank Iero, and Mikey Way currently under the Eyeball records. 

The MCR were in the music industry from 2001 to their disbandment in 2013. Then comeback in 2014 with a song “Fake your death” and finally come back performing live in fall of 2019. 

According to Rolling Stones, “After disbanding in 2013, the group announced their return in fall 2019 and played a single show that December, but the first wave of Covid-19 forced them to put their touring plans on hold. The dates were initially rescheduled for 2021 but pushed again because of ongoing Covid concerns.” 

MCR is trending both in the Philippines and in different countries such as the United Kingdom with 143k tweets and the United States. 

The fans around the globe are waiting for any possibility of the world , specifically the fans around Asia and other continents. Perhaps, a new album if possible. 

*Contributed by Michaella Joy Tsuji, student from City of Malabon University

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