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(Artwork by Ariana Maralit)

For the past few days, the rumor about the implementation of the K-14 education system in the Philippines has been circulating on social media, and the youth is not taking this issue lightly. 

They bombarded the social media to express their opinions about the speculation about the said issue. They also shared their own experience and personal struggles, especially those who already went through the K-12 education system.

While others look forward to the benefits of K-14 education, the majority are not in favor of having the K-14 system. Others have suggested that instead of turning K-12 into K-14, why not review the issues left unaddressed and fix the problem from the root of our education system. 

In addition, it will only prolong the suffering for many coming from low-income earners. The K-12 is already too much of a burden for the families and the students, and worsen the situation more because of the pandemic. Some are also silently suffering from mental health problems. 

In line with Attorney Christina Frasco, spokesperson of Sarah Duterte released a statement on the Facebook page of Mayor Inday Sara Duterte. “This is to inform the public that Mayor Sara Duterte and Atty. Bruce Rivera never discussed anything about ROTC or the Department of Education,” he says. “Any interviews granted by Atty. Rivera are his personal thoughts.”

Meanwhile, some schools and universities are already having their limited face-to -face classes. Others are also eyeing to start face-to-face classes this upcoming academic year. 

*Contributed by Jewel Mae Omillo, student City of Malabon University

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