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When the pandemic started, all of us were locked in our homes. Each one of us gained a hobby as we stayed and entertained ourselves but most of us diverted our boredom in every food we can do-it-yourself (DIY) at home.

One of the good things that the pandemic gained is that people took interest in trying different types of food where we can imitate the recipes online which is a good habit for our wallets.

Here are some great recipes from Juan Big Bite for those who have sweet tooths. Juan Big Bite is a food content creator at TikTok, Facebook, and Instagram. He also visits and reviews some restaurants and great places in the Philippines.

Biscoff Lava Toast

When you wake up early in the morning and crave for something sweet and delicious, you have to try this luscious recipe.

Mix together some milk, butter, cocoa powder and sugar (optional). Get two thick slices of bread and coat it with the butter that you mix. Pan fry until golden brown then layer the condensed milk. For the lava, mix together cream, milk and biscoff, then put the mixture on top of the toast and enjoy.

Ice Cream Sandwich Banana Caramel version

TikTok food trends various ice cream sandwiches and is one of the easiest dessert recipes. This is perfect for this scorching summer that is burning us alive.

Mix together a chilled cream and condensed milk until it becomes sticky. Add some cut banana, lemon juice and sugar then layer it on the pan with graham crackers below, and add some caramel before putting a final layer of graham crackers on top. Freeze overnight or at least six hours.

Chocolate Cookie

Baking is everyone’s slightest dream job yet not everyone can be a good baker. In this recipe, you can be a good baker since this cookie is not very complicated to bake.

You just have to mix butter, flour, white sugar, brown sugar and an egg together in a bowl and stir until it is dough like. Next you want to mix it with vanilla, milk and chopped choco bar then form them into mini balls. Bake them at 175 fahrenheit for 15 to 20 minutes and make the chocolate sauce.

I’m not drooling, you are! 

*Contributed by Blessie Caballero, student from City of Malabon University

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