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Korean boy-band group, BTS, shocked the world with the announcement of their newest album that is set be released on June 19, 2022.

On 16th April of 2022, the four-day concert of the group was titled “Permission To Dance live in Las Vegas,” before ending the concert and this era of their album concept, BTS then gave a quick tease for their newest album. 

Following this teaser, the group dropped the newest logo for their concept and album on their Youtube account—BANGTANTV. BTS’ company Bighit Music released the following schedule of era, concepts and album of BTS in their Facebook page. 

The video clips showcase the nine years highlights of their career as an artist and singer. Different variations of the album were shown from their very first single album “2 cool 4 school” up to their newest album “Proof.”

Meanwhile, this coming album of BTS has 48 songs including their unreleased demos, acapella, and new songs called “Yet to Come” (their lead single cover), “Run BTS,” “For Youth,” “Question Mark,” and “Young Love.” 

But there’s still a twist. These songs are not available to the streaming sites. Both tracklist one and two are available to different music sites and applications, however, the tracklist number three are for release through CD only.

ARMYs are celebrating with bliss, currently in an investigative mood with all theories and anticipated through the reveal of logos and sound tracks in this coming era for BTS. 

On the sidenote, BTS’ Suga and Jimin collaboration ‘Tony Montana’ (number 2), “For Youth” their new song (number 19). 

“Still With You BTS” Jungkook acapella version (number 24) and ARMYs reactions with ‘CD only’ was currently trending on twitter in the Philippines. 

More dates and schedules will be released before BTS’ official comeback. There’s still more to look forward to from both BTS and ARMYs. 

*Contributed by Michaella Joy Tsuhi, student from City of Malabon University

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