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‘The Sound of Magic’ Ji Chang Wook as Ri-eul (Images from Netflix)

As a child, our days were filled with dreams, imaginations of rainbows and unicorns that taught us that all things are possible. 

But as we age, we are being hit by the reality of life, that sometimes it makes us forget our childhood dreams. For South Korean superstar Ji Chang Wook (“Healer” “Empress Ki”), he realizes that forgetting our childhood dreams is one of the saddest things that could happen to anyone. And through his new limited musical series “The Sound of Magic” together with Choi Sungeun (“Start Up,” “Beyond Evil”), Hwang In Youp (“True Beauty,” “18 Again”) he wants us to look back and remember what it’s like to have dreams like a child. 

Choi Sungeun, Ji Chang Wook, and Hwang In Youp

“I’m a grown-up myself, and I lost my childhood wonders. I had these dreams but I think I’ve lost them,” he says. “And I wanted that process of re-finding those dreams, and re-finding my childhood wonders.”

Based on the hit webtoon series “Annarasumanara,” “The Sound of Music” follows the story of the three lead cast—there’s a rumor that a magician lives at an abandoned amusement park, and he can make someone disappear for good. Yoon Ah-Yi, a girl struggling to feed herself and her sister, had her life changed when she met the mysterious magician Ri Eul. As Ai is forced to become an adult early, she becomes more and more distant from her childhood dream of becoming a magician and through Ri Eul, Ai and Il-Deung come to realize the true value of life.

“Sometimes, we lose track of our childhood innocence, our childhood wonders. And there are dreams that we had as a child.” Ji Chang Wook says. “I think the show will let you think about those past dreams that you had as a child, and the wonders you had as a child. It’s like a fairytale for people, it’s a heartwarming story, so I hope everyone can really enjoy ‘The Sound of Magic.'” 

Directed by Kim Sungyoun, “The Sound of Magic” is now showing on Netflix. 

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