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We love to eat. Even under the scorching heat of the sun, Filipinos love to share special bonding moments with their loved ones with food.

We’ve listed the new food items in town that you shouldn’t miss. 

  • Kenny Rogers Roasters’ salted egg roast, unfried fried chicken, & unfried fried chicken bun

Taste the egg-ceptional newest offering of Kenny Rogers Roasters: salted egg roast, unfried fried Chicken, & unfried fried chicken bun—your all-time favorite Kenny’s dishes, which are elevated with special salted egg flavors to make everyone egg-static with every bite!

  • Seattle’s Best Coffee’s SPAM luncheon meat & egg and bacon & cheese with aioli paninis

Looking for a satisfying food to fill your hunger? Paninis are a great choice as it’s loaded with everything good in a meal: bread, meat, sauce, and veggies, and now you don’t need to look further to get this tasty sandwich as Seattle’s Best Coffee offers its signature paninis, which are grilled fresh and served hot and delicious any time of the day now with two new flavors: the SPAM luncheon meat & egg and the bacon & cheese with aioli. 

  • Meraki’s smashed avocado

Greek food is based on simple yet elegant flavors, giving diners a quick trip back through the rich history of Greece. Meraki, a modern Greek word used to describe doing something with passion, soul, and creativity, offers this experience through its elevated cuisine.

Looking to have a leisurely brunch? Their Smashed Avocado has halloumi cheese, poached eggs, and toasted sourdough. The flavors are diverse, from subtle to robust, healthy to hearty.

  • Sante’s Signature mini croissant cereal

Sante means health in French, often used as a toast to wellness. A few of their healthy breakfast options include their whimsical signature mini croissant cereal that has homemade mini croissants, fresh strawberries, edible flowers, served with T2 Tea-infused very berry milk.

Sante & Meraki are just two of the new concepts created by Visum Ventures and are located at MOA Square, Seashell Lane, Mall of Asia Complex. 

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  • Samgyup on the go

Craving for sanmgyupsal but has no time to sit and grill? Samgyup on the go offers a variety of flavors of the famous Korean food such as beef and pork bowls to side dishes and add ons. This brand is available on your favorite food delivery apps.


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