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This Saturday, April 30, Buzzfeed Unresolved unfolds different types of spooky stories of the Philippines including the confidential ‘Manila Film Center,’ the mysterious song of Frank Sinatra ‘My Way,’ and the extreme Jabidah Massacre. 

The teaser video shows that the series is called “The Dark Horrors of The Philippines.” Starring Aria Inthavong as the host, together with the crew, they traveled to the Philippines to seek culture, social issues, and spooky stories from the locals who lived, experienced, and survived mysterious happenings. 

uzzfeed “Unresolved” Youtube Channel is known for reopening the cases of unresolved ones. Looking back, critically understanding the cases and investigation is what they conduct for viewers to deeply understand and not forget the cases. 

“The Dark Horrors of The Philippines” is set to premiere this April 30, 2022. 

(Contributed by Michaella Joy Tsuji, student City of Malabon University) 

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