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Fashion statement is a way for an individual to express himself. And the fashion industry didn’t disappoint in creating lines that fit every individual’s desire. 

But ICYMI, the fashion industry is also one of the biggest waste generators in the world. No wonder, more and more fashion brands are coming with their own sustainability efforts to give back to the community. One of them is H&M.

To encourage everyone to upcycle our old clothes, the company brings back their Garment collecting program where we can bring old clothes to any of their stores nationwide in exchange for discounts. 

To participate, simply bring a bag of old clothes or fabrics to the cashier of the brand and in return, they will give a 15-percent-voucher discount which can be used on the next purchase. H&M accepts garments from any brand, in any condition. 

What do you think? Isn’t it a great deal? 

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