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It may still be April but this sad news is not an April fools’ joke. 

Pinoy netizens have been sharing that for the past few days, our all time favorite large fries are off the menu in various fast food chains in the country. 

On their website, McDonald’s Philippines made this lack of BFF fries supplies official. 

“Our Medium Fries, Large Fries, and BFF Fries are temporarily not available in our delivery channels,” it says “Rest assured we are working to serve them to you again soon. In the meantime, you may enjoy your other McDonald’s favorites!”

The company didn’t disclose the reason behind this but it has been reported that the same thing is happening in different countries such as South Korea, Taiwan, and Malaysia. 

Based on The Washington Post‘s report last January, there has been a growing potato shortage worldwide due to a number of variables—from the “ongoing pandemic to bad weather, blights, or labor disputes.”

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