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As more civilians continue to suffer from the escalating conflict in Ukraine, the need for immediate humanitarian assistance has never been more imperative. The challenge now is getting the critical aid into the affected areas with supply routes cut, and without sending on-ground personnel.

French non-profit organization, Ascent Charity is driving an innovative effort to bring humanitarian aid by drones: Ukraine Aid Initiative by Drones (U-AID). Endorsed by the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine, U-AID will initially deliver goods and supplies provided by the State of Emergency Service of Ukraine into the country’s western and central regions, as soon and as far as possible. Emergency relief drone operator AerialMetric will fly the drones, and air mobility company Ascent will orchestrate the flights from neighboring countries into Ukraine, initially. 

Ascent Charity has recently launched a GoFundMe page to fundraise EUR 10,000,000 in order to carry out this very important mission of deploying a fleet of 50 cargo drones from neighboring countries of Ukraine that will secure food and medication to civilians into conflict zones, where no one else can. GoFundMe fundraiser donations, as well as corporate ones, will cover the procurement of the 50 drones, operating costs, logistics, human resources, and training required to roll out this initiative. The operation is set to begin within a couple of weeks once EUR 300,000 worth of donations is raised as the initial target. 

How you can pledge your support

You can donate directly on U-AID’s GoFundMe page. As an incentive, all donors will have their names added to the “Hope Takes Flight” online dashboard, which will go live as soon as the drone operations come into effect.

With EUR 10,000 worth of donations, the donors will be able to pick a name for a drone flight, where each drone flight will be broadcasted on Twitter in real-time, with a projection of up to 50 flights per day. Meanwhile, with EUR 200,000 worth of donations, the donors will be able to name a drone with a special mention of the donor’s name on Ascent Charity’s Twitter post. In addition, the charity is also planning to enable donors to track their drone flights online, every day.

For more information on how you can be part of this flight mission to send hope to children, men and women of Ukraine, visit Ascent Charity’s GoFundMe page

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