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Advocating for the environment can come in several shapes and forms. Some people choose to give up meat, while others replace single-use plastic items with reusable products. Whether you’re spending your weekends on reforestation or reducing your carbon footprint by biking or walking, every intentional act is a small, yet significant step towards conserving the planet.

That is why we are also expecting the same thing and effort from companies we are getting our supplies from. With that, we listed three companies that are continuously working toward their sustainability goals and efforts.

  1. Watsons

Doing Good is in Watsons DNA. Since working in partnership with Operation Smile eight years ago up to the present, it has helped transform the lives of 2,036 children through cleft surgeries.

The company has also made available almost 1,200 sustainable choices products and continues to add more for consumers so we have better and more environment-friendly options. 

Watsons stores have made a collective effort to be more conscious about energy consumption and this has helped reduce energy intensity by 17 percent from 2015. For its employees, the brand has conducted 22 wellness seminars and counting to help its personnel to cope with the challenges brought about by the pandemic.

In collaboration with Plastic Bank, it was able to recycle 833,000 plastic bottles last 2021. And for 2022, Watsons held its first DO GOOD For Earth, Sa Watsons Ako webinar with “Smart Waste Management Towards A Sustainable Future,” where resource persons shared valuable insights on how waste management and recycling affects global warming and climate change.

  1. Unilever

Even the simple act of shopping can be sustainable, as long as you budol responsibly! And that’s exactly why Unilever Philippines has partnered with Shopee for Green Delivery to help usher in the switch to 100% paper-based eco wrap for inner secondary packaging in the Philippines and reimagine the way you shop online! 

With this program, we, as simple and everyday shoppers, can prevent as much as 800KM of plastic from ending up in landfills and waterways every year! Think about that for a second. All that scrolling, swiping, and checking-out-cart that brings us so much joy can also be just as joyful as the environment. These initiatives require strategic planning, extensive research, and innovation, which is why they’ve ensured that the honeycomb eco-packaging wrap is certified by The Forest Stewardship Council, otherwise known as FSC.

  1. Nestle

As a Kasambuhay ng Kalikasan, Nestlé Philippines is taking a leading role in tackling climate change in the country. Guided by Nestlé’s global ambition and roadmap of net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050, it is committed to source responsibly, transform its operations, and help shape a waste-future.

These three Net Zero focus areas are the central theme for Net Zero IdeaNation, a program launched by the University of the Philippines—Los Baños (UPLB) through the Department of Agribusiness Management and Entrepreneurship (DAME), and Nestlé Philippines to harness the potential of the youth towards climate action. 

Net Zero IdeaNation consists of two phases. The first phase will run throughout the second semester of Academic Year 2021-2022 during which students of the ABME 10 (Foundations of Entrepreneurship) course will be asked to generate innovative and sustainable solutions geared towards achieving net zero emissions. By the end of the course, the teams with the best concepts will be selected to proceed to the second phase of the competition in July 2022.

During the second phase, the winning teams will receive mentorship from industry experts to further develop their ideas. All will culminate through a pitching competition in which one team will be named the Nestlé Net Zero IdeaNation Winner.

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