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Looking for new food to satisfy your cravings? You’re on the right page for we scouted some of the newest food selections in town. And here they are. 

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  • Ramen Nagi

Constantly pushing boundaries in terms of how ramen is made and enjoyed, Ramen Nagi is spearheading the celebration of National Noodle Month this March with the introduction of two exclusive flavors on a limited run—Garlic Iberico King and Ebi King. 

Be drawn to its exotic aroma and earthy flavor all at once. Choice Iberico Chashu, Garlic and Bacon oils, and Tonkotsu Broth create a medley of tastes. Enoki mushrooms, onion leeks, and toasted garlic add texture to the bite. A dab of fire sauce then rounds out a scintillating experience.

Meanwhile, Ebi King is a true delicacy straight from the sea. Char-grilled tiger prawns brushed with butter atop a bed of thin noodles immersed in Tonkotsu Broth. The concoction is then loaded with all things shrimp—oil, sauce, and powder—as leeks, Tzatziki, and fire sauces add flavor from the periphery.

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  • Goldilocks BT21 Greeting Cakes

The company just dropped the latest update that the ready-to-buy version called the BT21 Greeting Cake is available in stores, and they sell it for only P390. This means you can celebrate BT21 with friends and families anytime you want. 

The BT21 Fondant Cakes are available for pre-order with approximately three days waiting time at The BT21 Greeting Cakes are available at selected Goldilocks stores or you can order via the Goldilocks Delivery Website at, or via Grab and Foodpanda.

  • Pizza Hut

Pizza Hut is rolling out a new creation featuring a well-loved spread—the all-new Cheese Pimiento Stuffed Crust Pizza.

Take a bite of Pizza Hut’s signature Pan Pizza Stuffed Crust, filled with smooth and silky mozzarella that is enrobed with a generous drizzle of cheese pimiento. The whole pizza is made even more delectable with a generous pimiento drizzle on top of your favorite toppings, allowing you to experience mild-yet-complex flavors with every bite.

  • Best Coffee drops new SKIPPY Peanut Butter Collection

For all the chocolate lovers out there, satisfy your love for decadent treats with the SKIPPY Hot Choco. This non-coffee-based drink is made with the luscious combination of dark chocolate sauce, rich milk, and creamy peanut butter.

For coffee enthusiasts looking for a different take on their favorite drink, there’s SKIPPY Iced Choco Java. This cold drink is crafted with a shot of espresso, white chocolate mix and smooth creamy peanut butter.

A truly rich drink that’s sure to perk up your day, the Dreamy SKIPPY Cookie Javakula is an ice-blended beverage with rich flavors—a shot of espresso, dark chocolate sauce, creamy peanut butter., and garnished with whipped cream and peanut cookies.

All these are available for dine-in, take-out, and delivery through Facebook Messenger (, Grab Food, Food Panda, and Pickaroo.

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