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Guys, this is not a drill and it’s finally happening!

International Drag Superstar Manila Luzon is on a quest to train the spotlight on Filipino drag queens as she spills the secrets of her global stardom in her master class. In partnership with Nas Academy, Manila Luzon launches “Manila’s School of Drag” that promises to help Pinoy drag queens and enthusiasts unleash their power from within. 

“My Filipino heritage is always present in my drag, just look at my drag name, Manila Luzon,” she says. “I’ve championed Filipino representation on the world stages of drag. And now with Nas Academy I have the opportunity to inspire more Filipinos to explore their self-expression through the art form.”

Manila’s School of Drag features the full range of lessons to fully discover one’s drag identity as students are empowered by learning how to present themselves in real life and in the age of social media. The class covers a range of topics that will develop the drag persona from knowing what it means to be a drag queen to learning the A-Zs of makeup, choosing the right clothes per body type, and capturing the best angle for Instagram.

“There is so much under my dress that I can share with everyone in my School of Drag,” she says. “This class is a learning community, and I am excited for what we will create not only in the Philippines, but all over the world. I look forward to our quarterly meet the creator sessions where I can share more tricks of the trade and encouragement that can help in their careers as make-up artists, stylists, performers, and content creators.”  

“Manila’s School of Drag” opens on March 23, 2022. For more information, visit Manila’s School of Drag. 

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