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Tired of your usual milk tea order?

Then it’s a perfect time for you to try one of the newest milk tea brands in the Metro—TeaLive, located at SM Jazz Mall, Makati. 

Born in 2017 in Malaysia, Tealive has quickly grown to over 700 outlets worldwide. With the establishment of the brand’s first store in Manila, Tealive is ready to brew joyful and breakthrough experiences to flip the way you drink milk tea leading with its signature Aren Palm Sugar Series.

Have you ever had your milk tea served upside down? That is what makes Tealive’s signature Aren Palm Sugar series significantly unique from any other milk teas. Behind the flip is Aren Palm Sugar, an all-natural sweetener sourced from Arenga Pinnata palm trees in Borneo. With its sweet-yet-savoury taste profile, it serves as an even healthier sweetener than brown sugar. 

The thick texture of Aren Palm Sugar creates a truly distinct drinking experience. Each drink in the Aren Palm Sugar series is served flipped, allowing the sugar to beautifully flow to the top of the cup like lava. Once the sugar has settled, you then flip the drinks upright, mixing in the aren palm sugar to add a rich, complex layer of flavor to your tea. 

Tealive Aren Palm Sugar Series comes in a selection of five flavors—Pearl Milk Tea, Signature Chocolate, Signature Coffee, Milk with Black Diamond, and Nishio Matcha. 

Alongside the Aren Palm Sugar Series, the brand also launches two premium offerings.  Designed for maximum delight, the Indulge Series combines Tealive’s creativity with popular toppings from around the world such as Lotus Biscoff, Oreo, and Salted Caramel. For those with adventurous palates, the Big Bang series puts together icy-cold brews with warm brown sugar pearls for explosive bursts of flavors in every sip. 

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