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For the past couple of years, the local hip-hop industry has been divided due to the issue of the young generation of artists not giving respect and credits to the original kings of the rap scene. 

Rap star Andrew E of Salbakuta even released a song titled “Tamang Tama” to address this issue. 

And just recently, another hardcore Pinoy rap pioneer came back in the scene to tackle the same issue. OBLAXZ returns with a new single titled “Noli Me Tangere,” under Oblaxz 1 Production and Def Jam Philippines. 

“Jose Rizal’s ‘Noli Me Tangere’ means ‘Huwag mo akong salingin,'” OBLAXZ tells MB Life. “This song is pertaining to those people in the rap scene who don’t give respect to those loyal to the game. Money is nothing, fame is nothing. Respect is the important thing that people can pay you back.” 

OBLAXZ is one of Andrew E’s Dongalo Wreckords’ first rap artists. He is known for his socially relevant, street knowledge, hardcore, and avant garde style of Pinoy rap music. He was the first to release a studio album under the said label back in 1996.

“I created this song because I want to prove that the rap industry in the Philippines was very powerful,” he says. “Since day one, I have wanted to fight the corruption, the crimes in the Philippines using my song.” 

“Noli Me Tangere” features KOzz of Oblaxz, Uno of Itim Pero Kayumanggi, Kilabot of Dugong Ponebre, Dash Calzado of Legit Misfitz, 2Tay of Mestizas, and Terra aka Gobas of Malate Truez. 

‘”Those artists are close to my heart,” he says. “Since day one I have seen their honesty and loyalty to the game.”

OBLAXZ then leaves a message to the young generation of aspiring hip-hop artists. 

“Focus on what you are doing. Give your best shot in everything you do. Keep your relationship with God and always ask for His guidance,” he says. “Be inspired and always be a blessing to other people.”

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