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The long wait is over. The much awaited opening of IKEA Philippines is finally happening on Thursday, Nov. 25, 2021. 

To get you even more excited, here are five fun and yummy facts about IKEA PH.

INSIDE THE IKEA DISPLAY ROOM IKEA PH will give you lots of inspiration ideas for your room makeover plan (Photos by Jessica Pag-iwayan)

  1. It’s the largest IKEA branch in the world

With the surface area of 68,000 square meters distributed across five floors, IKEA Philippines is named as the largest IKEA branch in the world. IKEA now has 463 branches around the world scattered in 62 countries. 

  1. It will take you two hours or about 4,000 steps just to scan the products in the store

Prior to its official opening, MB LIFE had an opportunity to roam around the shop. And we carefully take note that just by simply scanning some of the products and sections of the store, it took us two hours, equivalent to 4,000 steps to accomplish this task. 

You can skip your gym session for a day if you’re planning to visit IKEA. 


FIRST TO TRY: Ikea Philippines’ delicious eats including Swedish Meatballs 💙 #MBFoodies #foodtiktok #foodietokph #fyp

♬ original sound – afl.girl
  1. Tito Balls is yummy

What is IKEA without its famous Swedish meatballs? Paired with sweet raspberry sauce and/or a side dish of your choice between mashed potato and spaghetti, Tito balls are definitely a must-have when you visit the store. 

  1. Vegan meatballs

Vegan? No problem, because IKEA PH is also carrying a vegan version of the balls. And we promise you, that even people who are not into vegetables will love this one. Lastly, 

  1. In-house Swedish cafe

You can enjoy these yummy meatballs and spaghetti plus a lot more such as salmon croissant and chocolate cake dessert at the in-house Swedish cafe in the store. In normal settings, the cafe can accommodate 956 visitors, but since COVID-19 is still here, the management is implementing safety protocols. 

But before getting too hype, we want to remind you that visiting IKEA PH as a walk-in visitor is not allowed. You need to pre-register by visiting

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